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candy club

Candy Club

Candy Club

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Candy Club 

Candy Corn Puff (7 oz): This candy corn has been "spooked" into a gummy marshmallow puff!

Caramel Apple Taffy (3 oz):  Caramel apple flavors a whipped into a light salt-water taffy bite that's perfectly soft and chewy.

Harvest Nonpareils (6 oz): Smooth and luscious, these dark chocolate drops come dotted with beautiful autumnal colors! Rich and elegant with a surprisingly delightful crunch, you're sure to Fall in love!

Witches Brew Gummies (8 oz): Green broomsticks, purple cats, and orange jack-o-lanterns mix together to concoct this witchy brew. Festive, spooky, and tasty to boot, these fun gummies will have you cackling with delight!


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